The most performant disc in the world

Longer lifespan on the market

Lower cost per hectares

More flexibility in rocky soils

Self-sharpening edge

OEM’s quality


The research and development efforts implemented on metallurgy and heat treatment have allowed for unsurpassed hardness (up to 58 HRC) for a longer lifespan, and a foolproof flexibility to resist to any schocks and constraints. Niaux 200 has been adopted by leading OEMs and farmers around the world.


Niaux 200 disk blades ensure a perfect cutting quality throughout their lifetime thanks to a faultless steel structure.


The very high hardness in the working area give Niaux 200 disks the longest lifespan on the market.

Niaux 200 disks are very resilient and designed to resist to extreme shocks and deformations.

Maximum hardness and wear resistance (55-58 HRC).

Transition area (50-55 HRC).

Limited hardness to boost shock resistance and flexibility (48-50 HRC).


Quality of cut is a key factor in crop residue management. Thanks to their unique steel structure, Niaux 200 disc blades get sharper as they wear conventional more uneven wear leading to blunt edges. The flawless steel structure and better wear resistance of NIAUX 200 Disc Blades allow them to remain sharp in any conditions.


All the discs manufactured by Forges de Niaux must pass different types of tests before being shipped to its customers.  

NIAUX 200: OEM’s quality

The discs NIAUX 200 reduce the wear parts cost per hectares. This is why this quality made in Forges de Niaux is the preferred one of the most famous worldwide OEM’s.