Who is Mecaparts International?

We deliver innovations in agrcultural machinery wear parts across the globe.

Published on May 22, 2023


For over a decade of professional service offered to our clients, Mecaparts International Co., Ltd., develops and distributes high-performance wear parts to dealers and farmers in Asia, Oceania, Middle-East and Africa. Our team is composed from European and Asian professionals from agricultural machinery sector. We are looking to facilitate the diffusion of innovative agricultural machinery developments to farmers in Asia and Africa.

  • Our Vision To consider quality and innovation to be the key contribution for an efficient and sustainable agriculture.
  • Our Mission To provide innovative solutions to increase the efficiency of agricultural machinery used for soil cultivation.
  • Our Values Trust and goodwill, modernity, customer orientation.

Thanks to our long background in the industry of agriculture machinery, we have an expertise in all industrial processes.


By travelling on the 5 continents during more than 10 years, we understand that each agricultural area need specific answers. We visit our customers and study with them how to resolve faming issues.


We develop our projects directly with design & technics departments of factories. We can manage the complete engineering process from first drawings to field tests.


Mecaparts team has a long experience working in factories specialized in the production of high quality wear parts. We are in daily contact with manufacturers all over the world.


Mecaparts is committed to deliver its products all over the world.


Mecaparts is exclusive distributor for the French disc manufacturer FORGES DE NIAUX in over 20 countries. This company has a worldwide notoriety and has been on the leading edge of many innovative ideas during the last 70 years.

We distribute to our customers the NIAUX 200 discs, the manufacturing patent of which allows them to the only discs in the world to achieve a hardness greater the 56 HRC (more than 200kg/mm2) .

For farmers, this means:

Increased disc lifespan by a minimum of 40% (up to 300% compared to low-cost productions).

Improved cutting of agricultural residues due to the self sharpening capability of the discs.

Enhanced resistance to breakage in rocky soils.

Reduced cost per hectare.

Added to discs, we also supply different kind of cultivator sweeps and points, spring tines, or blades used on sugar cane harvesters from high standard European machinery makers.

We supply our products to major wholesalers and OEM’s throughout Africa, Middle-East, Asia and Oceania.

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