Mecaparts International offers complete range of disc blades suitable for all types of agricultural machinery. Niaux 200 and Boron Access disc blade meet all requirements of far machine manufacturers and farmers.


Mecaparts International offers the best disc blades for agricultural machinery, Niaux 200 , manufactured by Forges de Niaux in France with the worldwide patented process. The specialized boron steel disc is heat-treated to the hardness 56-58 HRC on the cutting edge while keeping flexibility and durability toward the center of the disc. Niaux 200 is the best solution for all applications in all working conditions. Self-sharpening edge gives long-lasting sharp edge to cut plant residues. Extra long lifetime provides cost saving to the users.


Our second best disc blade brand, Boron Access, also manufactured in our French manufacturing facility, provides economic solution of price-efficiency. The disc blade is manufactured to have consistent hardness 48-50 HRC all over it. Boron Access is a perfect choice for agricultural machinery manufacturers and farmers who want to experience a disc blade of world-class quality at affordable price level. Please contact Mecaparts International to receive more information on Boron Access disc blade range.

Boron Access Disc Blade

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