Agricultural machinery disc blades come in variety of specifications. Each agricultural machinery manufacturer uses their own specification on disc blade to optimize the performance of the machine. The design of disc blade is very important to the soil working efficiency. Mecaparts International offers service to design customer’s own disc blade which is perfectly suitable for the specific soil working requirement.

To create, identify or inquire for a disc blade customer is kindly requested to provide us the following information.

Diameter : ranges from 250 to 1069 mm

Thickness : ranges from 2.5 to 12mm

Shape of disc : concave, conical, flat-top, flat, wavy, seeder

Concavity : radius of concavity

Cutting Edge Design : plain, u-notch, v-notch, u+v notch

Cutting Edge Technology : hot-rolled, turned, CNC-machined, none

Side of Bevel : single bevel, double bevels

Center Hole : round, square, hexagon, customized hole

Peripheral Holes : mounting holes and their distribution

Mecaparts International persuades agricultural machinery manufacturers to design and create their owns disc blades to fit on their machines to optimized the performance of the machines.

Please visit our online catalog to find the disc blades which we are currently manufacturing for worldwide market.

If you need an assistance from an expert in disc blade design from Mecaparts International please send inquiry to . Our team will be in touch with you at earliest.